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Try Photofocus Blog and Podcast if you want some stimulating listening and reading. Your host Scott Bourne is very knowledgeable and entertaining. However be prepared for his straight to the point way and  he’s not afraid to call a spade a spade. His co host on the podcast is photographer and writer Rick Sammon .

The podcast comes out every ten days or so (5th 15th 25th) and Scott and Rick answer listener’s questions, that’s what the show is about. It’s quick fire stuff . They both know what they are talking about and whatever your skill level you will learn something.

Two of the questions on the last podcast were about:

  • Should I shoot raw or jpeg.
  • Maco lens versus zoom lens for shooting close ups.

A recent post on the blog “Do your knees bend” was encouraging us to,   na… why don’t you find out for yourself.

Highly recommended.


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You never Know

Always carry your camera you never know what will come your way. The evening sky looked promising and I’m trying to build up a library of images of my home village for possible inclusion in a 2010 calendar. Some fields have been planted with what looks like maize under polythene strips.

A Sea Of Polythene

A Sea Of Polythene

The sun was low and the polythene was reflecting the light like a mirror and it looked like a myriad of polythene waves.

The second image of the tree was taken just 20 minutes earlier but this time with the Sun behind me.


A Lone Tree In Evening Sunlight

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